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Launching This Week

The Sustainability CPE website went live today! This soon will be the destination for certified training Sustainability Accounting and for updates on this fast-developing and vitally important skill for accountants, CFOs, strategists, designers, investors and more.

On Friday Sept 18 at 12pm PST, the Washington Society of CPAs is running my new webinar CPE class, Sustainability Accounting - Why Is It Important? It is offered in the WSCPA "Fall Preview" of upcoming courses. This one-hour introductory overview covers the origins, players and key concepts in SA, with focus on the standards and guidance published by the leading accounting associations. It is Part One of a two-hour course. Part Two is Sustainability Accounting - Hands On. It will be offered in early October. Sign up on this site to get updates on that and more courses. All of them earn CPE credits for the CPA licensing requirements. Tell every CPA you know: Here's a really interesting, educational and important way to earn those credits!

I'll be posting regular updates about the SA field here. Subscribe to this blog to learn about them.

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